The Sizzle Maker is Lexie Griffiths’ highly original and astonishingly simple personal and professional development programme, that is going to bring the most wonderfully surprising benefits to you, your team and your customers.

Latest research has shown that the main reason customers leave is because staff members are not engaging with them. Lexie and her Sizzle Box show you how to fix this problem by teaching your team interpersonal and communication skills. You will stay ahead of the competition by providing meaningful relationships with a smile.

  • How to become an authentic leader
  • How to make your team love you
  • How to motivate and inspire yourself
  • How to motivate and inspire your team
  • How to motivate and inspire your customers
  • Customer retention rates rocket
  • Your team’s productivity soar
  • Your profits go through the roof
  • Your customers working for you
  • Your customers become your greatest marketing asset
The Sizzle Box takes the hassle out of training your team. Whenever you need a motivation kick, or some new ideas or top tips, just open the box take out the ingredients and you are ready for a world-class blend!

It contains all you need to take you, your team and your business to the next level. You have immediate access to the perfect training tool anytime you want!

4 x Sizzle DVDs – Lexie talks through the principles and shares her world class customer service methods with you in easy ready to use terms!

1 x Sizzle Book – The recipe book is full of proven strategies, golden nuggets, research and tips for you to digest and use at your will.

44 x Sizzle Action Plans – The book will provide you with a secret sizzle link to download 44 proven action plans for you and your team, PLUS the vital ingredient to make that first Sizzle step happen!

FREE 1-to-1 coaching call – to help you get the most out of your Sizzle Box.

The Sizzle Box – your recipe for success!

Lexie Griffiths is a world-renowned speaker and an inspirational coach of leaders and managers across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. Not only does she know what makes people tick, she knows how to inspire them to make the most of themselves and the people who work for them.

Her clients have included Mercedes-Benz, MeridianSpa, IHRSA, L’Oreal, Aspria, Zumba, Build A Bear, the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, Pacific Investments, FIBO, Holmes Place International and the TUI Group, Europe’s largest tourism conglomerate, to name but a few.

A best-selling author, she also wrote and developed programmes for Reebok International, which she presented to universities, schools, clubs and hotels in 25 countries.

She is an international television presenter, coach and keynote speaker. She addresses owners and managers in sell out seminars across Europe, the UAE, Asia, India and the USA.

Lexie’s own events are sold out well in advance and attendances are increasing every year!

People and companies are queuing up to work with Lexie – they want to share her charisma, energy and sizzle, learn from her success and have fun doing it!

Lexie Griffiths is a success and she wants you to be as well!

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